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GLOBAL HOSPITAL SOLUTIONS We as a hospital group want to serve people by explaining them about how important health is and in return getting clients so that we together can help make our world a more better place by taking care of the health of people as a whole. Our soul criteria is to think about the health of the people. Our aim is to take care of all people so that they can live a healthier,happier and better life. We are certain that this step will help people of India and also perhaps the whole world live a healthy and prosperous life. We support medical tourism for the people living abroad to come to India and lead a successful life. We are a chain of doctors which includes hospitals like Sukhmani, Adiva, CIMBS who look forward to help citizens lead a healthy, prosperous and wonderful life at their best and according to their will. You can contact us at the number mentioned and can visit our social networking pages facebook, twitter and linkedin.