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Get Vaccination Slot in 2 simple ways (For ppl 18+)

  1. Click Vaccine Finder in Paytm App.
  2. After searching for nearest State and District.
  3. Click->Notify me when slots are available.
  4. Wait for the slots to be available (You will get notification)   Be quick in this.
  5. Note the centre* by clicking the icon (Found in notification).

  1. Click here to go to COWIN Website.
  2. Enter your mobile number and get OTP.
  3. Now search by nearest State and District.
  4. See for the centre* you noted as mentioned previously (in step 5).
  5. Now remember the Pincode shown under the centre.
  6. Now again search by this Pincode.
  7. Enter the Pincode.
  8. Keep hitting enter on your keyboard, the page will refresh everytime you hit enter.
  9. Wait for the slots to show vacant.
  10. When it is yellow or green click the slot.

* Search for schools and not hospitals as you may get exposure in hospital.

I myself was able to get a slot in my first attempt using this method. It took me only 2 minutes. Though it may take you 2-3 hours, it may be tiring.  

Hope you find this help useful.

You can fill the Contact Form and let me know about your quest in getting vaccination slot through this site.

Thank You !