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Planning a Hospital starts from no. of beds or the size of facility, referral hospital, multi speciality or single speciality like onco, laparoscopic surgery, orthopaedics or mother and child etc.


How much financial budget is available, either self financing or financed by a bank.


Any hospital project should be well researched depending upon its viability, area, demand of the locality and existing similar setups. A well researched project rarely fails.


Depending on the idea, budget, research and location planning of facility starts


Location is very important and depends on target area, speciality, distance from home and its visibility. Bye laws for residential or commercial area and width of road opposite should be considered.


Depends on the area available and type of facility.

Bye Laws

Must go through all bye laws:
Building Bye laws
MCD Guidelines
Fire Bye laws
Directorate of Health Bye laws

Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal measures should be planned from the very beginning.

Fire clearance

Fire clearance is a must these days. According to the size of setup underground water reservoir, overhead tank, sprinklers, exits and size of stairs should be planned.


Sufficient parking space should be left either in the basement or stilts.

Ambulance Bay

Free movement of ambulance upto lift or casualty area should be thought of.


Experienced designers should be chosen who are well familiar with hospital requirements.


Experienced architect who can make the hospital both hightech and homely, environment friendly, well ventilated, with maximum natural light and wheelchair friendly.

Construction and fabrication

Construction should be earthquake resistant, fireproof, low cost neat, with minimum woodwork. Before construction installation of large equipments like MRI, autoclave should be preplanned. All stairs should be two meter wide with proper railings.

Power backup

Power load should be assessed beforehand with three phase taking into consideration all medical equipments load. Generator and UPS location should be safe and fireproof.


All the medical equipments should be ordered in advance. Negotiations save a lot of money.


Manpower can be planned during the construction period.


Registration takes much more time than expected, beware of touts.


Advertising and promotion